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What does Mahana Magic do?

Mahana Magic Foundation supports children ages 2-18 who have been impacted by a parent’s or caregiver’s cancer. We empower children through financial and emotional support.


Does Mahana Magic offer financial support?

Yes we offer financial support through our After School/Summer Camp Grant and Scholarship Fund.


Why do children of cancer patients need support?

Watching a parent’s or caregiver’s journey with cancer or losing a parent or caregiver to cancer can be devastating. Children can feel many emotions; scared, sad, angry and guilty, these emotions can be confusing. They need the opportunity to explore these emotions in a safe and supportive environment.


When should a family contact Mahana Magic?

Ideally when the caregiver or parent is diagnosed with cancer. However sometimes that is not possible for a variety of reasons. We are here throughout and after the parent’s or caregiver’s cancer experience.

What if the cancer patient is a grandparent, aunt, brother or close friend?

Mahana Magic understands that a caregiver can be a parent, an aunt, cousin or sibling. We will support any child when their support person has been diagnosed or lost their battle with cancer.


Does Mahana Magic only offer financial support?

No. We offer a variety of opportunities for children to explore and express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. We sponsor group art classes, sailing with Healing Winds USA, ropes courses at ArborTrek, Teen Writer’s Workshop and are creating new group activities all the time. 


Does Mahana Magic support families with certain types of cancer?

Mahana Magic supports all cancers!

Does the patient have to be in active treatment?

No the patient does not have to be in active treatment. We support children during and after a parent’s or caregiver’s cancer experience. Just because the cancer is gone does not mean the fear and uncertainty a child is feeling is gone as well.


How is Mahana Magic Foundation funded?

Mahana Magic is 100% donor funded. Please click on our donate button to give back to a child what a parent’s or caregiver’s cancer has taken away. 

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