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Our founder, Greg Couture, lived life with a "play first, work second" mentality. A mentality he found while soul searching in the lush Hawaiian islands during his early twenties. He discovered magic in the ways of the Hawaiian culture and integrated those teachings into every aspect of his life back home in Burlington, Vermont. 

​His daughters, Makena and Hana, were named after his favorite places in Maui. Greg poured his sense of adventure, joy for life, and gregarious spirit into his daughters, family, and friends. 

​In 2007, Greg was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Normal life was quickly replaced with doctor visits, endless tests, chemotherapy and navigating the newness and emotion of a cancer diagnosis. 

As a cancer patient, many resources were available to him, however, his main focus went to his daughters and their care. Greg saw their silent struggle to navigate with little resources available to children; gathered a group of caring friends and created Mahana Magic. A mission to support children of cancer patients and help families heal, like his own children.

Makena and Hana's name combined became Mahana; in the Hawaiian language translates to "create warmth." 

Before Greg's passing in 2010, he deeply instilled to his daughters that love, even in death, cannot be broken.

13 years later, Mahana Magic continues on it's mission to provide care for children and families who are experiencing a caregiver with cancer. We are very excited to announce that we recently opened a physical location on Shelburne Road in Vermont! You will be able to find therapists, Reiki, and children events here. Please see contact information if interested.

Makena and Hana are still very active with the foundation. Makena works in the office as our Managing Director and Hana is on the Board of Directors. Both are very dedicated to carrying our their fathers mission. 

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