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Many people ask us how we came up with our name Mahana Magic and our logo?

This is our story. 


Our founder, Greg Couture, fell in love with Hawaii and lived there for many years. When his daughters were born he named them after two places he felt were the most beautiful in all of Hawaii, Makena Beach and the Hana Rainforest. 


In 2007 Greg was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. As he navigated the scary journey of cancer he realized that his daughters were on this journey with him. He would tell people that this was a family diagnosis. 


Greg was given a lot of support on his journey but his daughters did not have the same support available to them. He decided that this had to be remedied. He gathered a group of caring friends and created a nonprofit who’s mission is to

support children of cancer patients. 


Now a name and logo. He combined the names of his daughters to make Mahana. Mahana in the Hawaiian language means to create warmth. This resonated with Greg because of a story he loved. It is the story of the Haleakala volcano. This volcano is located in between the Hana Rainforest and Makena Beach. The story talks about a warrior named Haleakala who harnessed the sun by standing on top of the volcano. He did this to allow the warmth of the sun to increase the crops being grown around the volcano. 


Greg, knowing that he would not be around when his daughters were growing up saw himself like Haleakala shining down on them giving them strength throughout their lives. So our name is Mahana Magic Foundation and our logo is the image of Haleakala holding the hearts of all the children that we are supporting as

they share their parents’ cancer journey. 

Mahana Magic is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Tax ID# 47-2277707

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